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Postman/Negative Aptitude - Voodoo Bar

Postby JoeAbel » 01 Sep 2008, 21:02

Okay, here goes, appologies if I forget something or some of this isn't relevant (or very interesting).

If you want to avoid reading it all, here is a summary: Small but warm audiences, venue, staff and co-performers no problems. Made enough money in the bucket to cover bus fair + a bit for flyers. Very happy.

Audiences: Between 4 and 15, but we usually got a steady stream of people coming in to wait for the "Best of New Irish Comedy" so we always ended the show with more people than we started, which was good as it felt like we'd gradually become more popular.

We were after the "Mother Theresa & Adolf Hitler" guys, most people leaving them were going to other payfor ticketed shows or going to get something to eat, but we occasionally retained 3 or 4. The audiences liked to sit in a horse-shoe formation, where they could be as far as physically possible from the comedy, presumably because they assumed there was some kind of large aquatic mamal display in between standups and didn't want to get in the splash-zone.

Promotion: We found flyering around the Haymarket to get a mixed response, there's a lot of commuters and most just wanted to get out of the rain by going home. Alot of people on the Royal Mile unwilling to make a detour out of what they saw as the hub of the Fringe, so I ended up trying to sell them the venues (Voodoo & Mercat) rather than the show. Still, the bloke from "Of Mics & Men" seemed to get a good lot in using his revolutionary "Free Comedy" sign idea.

Fliering (not a real word...): Prefered giving out the catalogues, people seemed to want those a lot more. One lady did come up to me and complain that there should be some disclaimer that all of the venues (except Arts Centre) were pubs and she was asked to leave one because she had a kid. I said I'd mention it, so: is there a possibility that there could be some bold sentence somewhere obvious so people would know that all our venues were pubs, other than the fact that most of them have pubs names and the word BAR in the title.

Other performers: Didn't have a problem, everyone was great, unless this is one of those situations where I was the problem and that's why I didn't notice. The one problem was that we didn't have a plan for the set down, communication was minimal, and that fucked it up. Luckilly there wasn't much stuff there, but I was worried the fliers people left around the room at the back might not get cleared up and that might piss off Alex the guy in charge (who was great, really accomodating, helped us out loads on the start up and especially with the loan of the PA). Made efforts to contact others, but I had to leave to catch a train at 4 on Sunday, but I left it as long as I could waiting for someone to turn up. Hopefully this didn't cause anybody too much grief, and the backdrop, mic stand & bucket made it to Canon's Gate.

Alfie was kind of defacto Venue Captain, but I don't think it was ever formally decided on, he was just a naturally authoritative figure, being as he is a rozzer. That was good of him to take that on, many thanks. We all managed to get it sorted on the start-up fine, after waiting around for Voodoo Bar to open up.

That's a lot of stuff... well I'll try and edit it down A LOT but that's the first attempt...

Many thanks to everyone, Voodoo Bar types, Danny Worthington, miscellaneous others who I met from Free Fringe but who's names I forgot. Also to everybody who came to see the show.
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