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Postby brendan haha » 01 Sep 2008, 00:55

Just like to say i had a great Festival this year. It was great fun to play to lots of different audiences in a relatively short space of time. A big thanks to all the other guys in the Dragonfly for their support and friendship. James and Dan and all the irish crew for keeping it tight and for the audience they brought in which I managed to convince to stay for my show. Thanks to Dan and Pab for kicking me offstage every night in the nicest possible way, and for manning the bucket so the cheapskates couldn't get past. And thanks to the Sex Tips for Pandas people for being friendly, and generally being in the know about everything that was happening, and I've forgiven them for their podcast ambush. And thanks to Peter Buckley Hill for putting it all together.
I learned a lot from my experiences this year.
LESSON 1. Firstly i learned that my flyer was a travesty. I surveyed the audience every night to see if anyone came in because of my flyer and almost nobody did. I think the few freaks who did were expecting a live sex show. I decided to do a slightly weird flyer because I wanted to frighten off grannies and conservatives, but I just wound up frightening off everyone. My material isn't for everyone, [b]but I don't think you can afford to be choosey about your audience in Edinburgh.[/b]
I have to say that most of my audience came in because of the Free Fringe programme. So the Free Fringe programme worked really well and, I think, was a massive improvement on last year's . Well done to the team there.
LESSON 2. Edinburgh audiences don't particularly like to join in. I have to admit that I like a bit of audience interaction and a bit of heckling, but edinburgh audiences seem to want some kind of a lecture or a dissertation and seem to prefer being slightly removed from the experience.
LESSON 3. Send out a press pack to the newspapers before you go up to Edinburgh, especially if you're not in the main programme, or nobody will come to review your show.
So there you go. All the acts I knew on the main festival lost loads of money, whereas I think I broke even, or possibly even made a bit . Looking forward to next year.
brendan haha
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