Hung Parliament - The Musical

Hung Parliament - The Musical

Postby Paul B Edwards » 06 Sep 2010, 13:59

I've got to start by thanking PBH for getting me a slot at short notice on the fringe. Having never done a one-man show here before and having never even seen Base it was always going to be a voyage of discovery and there were always going to be hiccups. The venue is potentially great for Free Fringe shows and only needs tinkering with. Probably the main drag was the lack of sufficient lighting. This is easily sorted though and had I been up there from the start of the run I could possibly have been able to source a decent spotlight myself. The mirrored walls on the stage are also off putting to the audience and the backdrop we had wasn't sufficient to cover them. Again, this is something that could easily be sorted in time for next year.

My 2.30pm slot is however too early for the venue and it is my humble opinion that they shouldn't have one next year. The poor guys in there work until 5am most mornings during the festival and don't return until after 1pm to open up. This leaves the 2.30pm show only 90 minutes to sort the room out and prepare, during the crucial "Hour before" for flyering. A troupe can deal with this far better than one man but it did leave the start of every show a little stressed. I averaged just over 20 people per day and my afternoon buckets equated to just over a pound per person. The staff were brilliant (I can't fault them) but there was often maintenance work going on up to the start of the show and various deliveries etc. customary with the start of the day. Having the PA operated from upstairs is not ideal (But again easily overcome by a troupe). The show after me fared far better than I in terms of audience numbers but had worked very hard indeed to flyer for a couple of hours before it. They got everything absolutely right - a three-header meant they could have two flyering while one sorted out the room, one to operate the PA and one to hold the bucket at the end. Multi-performer shows I feel are ideal for Base particularly as it has more of a comedy-club feel to it than a theatre.

In general (And having visited some of the other venues), Base has loads going for it. There's constant comedy footfall in that bit of Cowgate, the venue benefits from not being shared with bands or a noisy bar, the vocal PA is very good, there is the option to make the room look full with thirty in it or to pack in a hundred, the staff are brilliantly helpful and you can leave kit overnight in the cloak room which for me was essential. My only 2010 misgivings are easily overcome for 2011 and I would just like to thank everyone involved again for helping me have a very enjoyable festival.
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