Hairy Mary

Hairy Mary

Postby Sarah Ruff » 04 Sep 2010, 12:55

Base looks and feels like a comedy club chain, a bit like the comedy store or something like that. It has a really large stage and large capacity seating. a mike , a PA and speakers. The staff were unbelievably friendly and helpful. My show involved the audience using party poppers so everynight there was a bit of a mess, i also had to hang a screen in the short time between my and the previous show. The staff always helped me do this and helped me tidy up afterwards even though i didn't ask them to, they also stored ed's [my collaborater] expensive laptop and projector in there safe over night. It made such a difference having people who were really up for working with you and not against you. so thank you.

behind the stage was a whole wall of mirrors i know other shows found this distracting, i had a screen so it didn't affect me. I think they managed to cover them up? There was also a performer's laptop stolen from the dressing/green/cloak room. all though i think the magician in question managed to catch the perpetrators. i dont know the full storie but if you are performing there next year, do not leave valubles, it is very accessible to the public and there is not always people around.

As a one woman show i was out flyering on my own, which made it hard for me to compete with the sketch troups of six, however being on the cowgate and free meant that we always had very decent audience sizes i think our lowest was 15 and all the other shows in the venue also seemed to be getting really good audience sizes. The audiences were generally very respectful, focused and friendly.

On the first night i stupidly forgot to hold out a bucket. On the second night i was too embarassed to ask audience to put money in the bucket, so i got a small bucket, on the third night i plucked up the courage and my bucket was far bigger. There is a real art to asking people to donate, if you haven't done this before i would suggest practicing it in advance. i wasn't prepared enough for this and so i lost out on the fist two nights. If people enjoy your show and they can afford it then they will put notes in, but you have to make them understand your situation.

Hairy Mary is a multimedia performance which involves projected animation and story telling, i was very pleased with how the show was recieved and we got a revew in the scotsman, which you can read on my website bit dissapointed with only one review but we were only there for one week, next year i will definately be doing the full run.

having done a sketch show in 2007 in a paid venue i would say that the pbh free fringe is much, much better, espiecally if you are not famous. It is much cheaper, the audience sizes are much better, it doesnt make sense to charge an audience £7 to see a comedian or play they have never heard of espeically when you can see someone off the tele for £10. if i had the opportunity i would definately do PBH free fringe again and hopefully i will.
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Re: Hairy Mary

Postby BASE » 12 Oct 2010, 20:48

I'm glad you had a good time using base as a venu.

I hope that you return next year as base will be taking part once again.
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