Hey You, Watch This!

Hey You, Watch This!

Postby Alex_Perry » 08 Oct 2010, 13:02

I thought Base was a good venue and would recommend it to others.

It's usually a nightclub rather than a performance space, and although that's quite obvious when being in there it's not too much of a hindrance. The club is large, we had about 100-120 on a Saturday night (for a 7:30pm show), although crowds of 50 were more usual, with the smallest being 25/30. The room can feel sparsely populated when it's like that, but by and large it's great, you just need to make sure everyone sits at the front. This also helps in relation to sound. The stage is also very big and also curved, so as a stand up it may help (depending on the act) if you move about and use the space so that everyone can see you.

The bar manager Alan and his staff were helpful and accomodating and understood the needs of the performers and audience.

The sound system was good. It was nice to be able to play intro music for the stand ups. The radio mic was also good for on-stage mobility and being able to introduce shows, although it was important to not let the batteries run out.

The only real problems with the venue I'd note were the lighting and the backdrop. We borrowed a spotlight but even then the stage needed to be lit brighter. The stage is normally a dancefloor with wall-to-wall mirrors behind it. This needed to be covered up as otherwise the audience can stare at themselves and be distracted/self-conscious. The PBH backdrop would often fall down as the mirrors were a difficult surface to attach it to, and the bar manager understandably didn't want acres of gaffer tape tacking it up.

Base is in a good location on the Cowgate, both due to it's centrality and being close to other popular venues. Underbelly is virtually opposite and speaking to audience quite a few fancied seeing something free before later more expensive shows there.

Base is also cheap for drinks, which is a great selling point when flyering.

The venue worked on two levels, a seating area upstairs overlooks the stage. Unless the room was rammed it was better to keep everyone downstairs. (A lesson twelve Geordies on a stag do helped us learn on our first night...).

Another thing to note for Base, it was impossible to get phone reception in there. This was good in terms of avoiding disturbances during shows but difficult if you were making arrangements etc whilst in there.
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