The Animals of Butter Bridge- Opium report

The Animals of Butter Bridge- Opium report

Postby butterbridge » 18 Apr 2011, 21:17

As we got closer to OPIUM we were pleasantly surprised to see that it seemed to be below a brothel. Already, we knew we might get a certain type of punter (that’s what we call audience members) and were excited by the prospect. Loud music greeted us through the front door- at first we thought this might be a problem but as the venue is up a couple of flights of stairs it turned out OK.

The space itself was far too dark. We didn’t expect it to be kitted out with a lighting rig but it seemed very dim. There did not seem to be any house lights as far we could see. To be fair, we could have enquired about this but neglected to, it all seemed to happen so fast.

The ‘stage’ itself was impaired by a pair of load-bearing pillars, covering up the only lit part of the stage. I can imagine this would be OK for a stand-up, but even she would be out of the line of sight of certain audience members if she stood in the best lit area of the stage (behind the two pillars). You can imagine the trouble a 5-stong, comedy troupe had.

As mentioned by other performers, the (electrical) fan at the back of the room was an issue. With it, audience members at the back could not hear the lines. Without it, the room became stuffy and uncomfortable. We opted to turn it off because our show was full of subtle dialogue.

If we were to nit pick, we’d say the bar staff made a little too much noise- chit-chat, the chinking of glasses etc. Also, because we were on last, we had to get rid of all the chairs to the venue next door every night (down a load of flight of stairs), while a group of staff members, franticly went about setting up the space for a club night- at this point we felt like we were a bit of a nuisance (to be fair there wasn’t a club night every night but most). The chair thing was a bit of a ball-buster for 5 strapping lads (after an hour of quite physical performance), I can only imagine how a solo performer would have coped with this obligation.

In conclusion, after we’d counted the takings, put away the chairs and spent the takings on the cheap bar downstairs, we sat back and felt generally satisfied. At no point did we feel cheated or let down by any of the points mentioned above. In that sense, OPIUM as a comedy venue, was a success.
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