LLAUGH Comedy late show

LLAUGH Comedy late show

Postby alcowie » 08 Oct 2010, 16:19

I already posted a detailed report on the Kiwi Bar when I posted the Cab Vol report. I cannot find it saved here so I will try to replicate it.

LLAUGH Comedy had a hugely successful run in Edinburgh, 44 shows (4pm in Caparet Voltaire and 8.45 in the Wlakabout Kiwi Bar), where 158 guest acts gave 185 performances. It was my first ever Edinburgh and it was hugely enjoyable and well worth all the effort to source the acts widely prior to going to Edinburgh. To see the full line-up, go to http://www.LLAUGH.com and click "Edinburgh".

Kiwi Bar staff were very friendly and helpful and provided help where necessary (including security).

- Location: on the way to Leith, there were a great many people passing each day. The Walkabout also had customers and were happy for us to canvas them to bring them across.
- Room: this is a decent sized room, and yet still fairly intimate when not full
- Staff: friendly and helpful. They enjoyed the comedy.
- Time of day: 8.45 people are heading past either on their way home or heading out. Potentially an opportunity if you can mop up the undecideds.

- Location: Most people did not stop, and the people who were there were not typical Festival goers. Whilst this meant we got more locals and therefore to a degree a more interesting crowd, it also meant getting anyone was a strruggle.
* Solutions: A sign on the main pavement directing people to the venue would have worked. An official one would have been even better (I put out a whiteboard with the line-up each day)
- Room: With bucket seating, and not all facing forwards, people were too comfortable. The lighting on the crowd was better than the lighting on the stage and there was no way to turn it off
* Solutions: none, just deal with it - be a strong performer.
- Staff: They couldn't always provide staff for the bar and the Omni Centre didn't allow people to bring drinks across from the other bar.
* Solution: The venue worked with us - they escorted people across the corridor, which went over the call of duty.
- Time of day: At this time of night (8.45) people seem to prefer to go to paid shows, despite the incredibly high quality of acts I had on.
* Solution: Flyer like mad. I found I needed two flyerers out, one on the pavement outside the venue, one a good quarter mile away on the corner of the Royan Mile and North Bridge (the cash point there) I had to do at least 2 hours there, but it was effective.

- Flyerers: These people pay for themselves as the audience they get in will contribute to your bucket. If there is only one of you, make sure you have a flyerer out to get you audience in to allow you to concentrate on the show.
- Reviews: I did not get reviewed. If you want to get reviewed, work hard at it, and do so before you get to Edinburgh. I worked hard at getting in the best acts I could and was subsequently very pleased with the result.

Set up and take down:
- This is a very easy venue to set up and take down, the venue themselves were extremely helpful, they provided all the sound equipment and a huge curtain across the main window, and all it required was moving chairs and putting up the backdrop.
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