CATRIONA KNOX: People In Glass Houses

CATRIONA KNOX: People In Glass Houses

Postby Catriona Knox » 12 Oct 2010, 09:57

The Royal Mile Tavern: 3.50 pm
Genre: Character Comedy

The Royal Mile Tavern was a great venue and the best thing about it was that it was easy to fill, being ideally located and on the small side. I found that my show was full most days; the smallest audience was probably about 10 which is still pretty good by festival standards and even then it felt pretty full as the room was so intimate.

The staff were really friendly and accommodating, helping out wherever possible and coming to see the shows.

I would say the venue is perhaps less suited to any kind of theatrical style of character comedy due to its size - the performance area was tiny, but to have made it any bigger would have decreased the number of seats on offer which would have meant more audience members having to stand. Fortunately my show was audience interactive character comedy, but had it not been I think it would have been a difficult Edinburgh! As there was no sound or lighting you really had to be in the room with those particular people and you really had to talk to them, which meant not only was it great experience at learning how to play an audience, but it meant that when the audience liked it they really liked it because they felt it was quite an intimate and unique experience in a kooky little venue.

Downsides, I would say, were the loud music coming from the pub during the open mic slots and the heat in a room (i think a better fan would be a really good investment for next year).

Other than that, a lovely venue.
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