The Comedy Doodle

The Comedy Doodle

Postby Matt26 » 04 Oct 2010, 20:29

Location - Fantastic, easy to direct people to and basically unmissable thanks the the huge signage and the fact that it's a massive great church

Staff - To a man/woman absolutely lovely, supportive and on board with the whole thing. Great!

The Room - Had my doubts to begin with but with a bit of lighting and set dressing, it turned out to be a really great venue, with a good view wherever you sat. Also it had the advantage of looking full with about thirty, but being able to fit about 70 if you pushed the boundaries a little. It could get hot, when the air con was off but that's our fault for not requesting it be turned on.

Noise - Practically the only issue was the difficulty with noise from downstairs, occasionally a particularly vocal bit of stand up would be audible while we were on, due to the adjoining door having, at management's (entirely reasonable) insistence, to be open at all times for the punters to know where the bar was. But, hey, if that's the biggest problem, you're doing alright.

Schedule - I entirely agree with the other posters who've advocated starting all the shows at the same time, it wasn't a big problem at all as audiences were pretty easy to come by, but there were definitely a couple of occasions when people went for a drink, saw the show downstairs start and decided to stick with it. If we'd been struggling for audience numbers this would have been a little galling.

Teamwork - This venue relies on the shows working together as there is plenty of opportunity for audience theft. In our case, Shaun and Renata at 'We Love Comedy' (the downstairs show that clashed with us) were fabulous - almost daily I saw them directing people our way, who would otherwise have wandered into their gig. It was a really nice thing to see and we reciprocated when people came our way came looking for them. I've heard nothing from anyone that leads me to believe this wasn't the story for everyone else, but maybe this work together attitude just needs underlining in the pre fringe meetings as there is definitely a possibility that issues could emerge with this.

Crowds - Get your flyering right, work hard and there's no reason this venue can't be full every time, great location.

The Famous Sewage Pipe - Not great, obviously but I cant say hand on heart we ever lost an audience member from it.
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