28 Days of Laughter

28 Days of Laughter

Postby Ruth Cockburn » 11 Oct 2010, 19:18

Sin Club
This venue is in a very good location. Just off the Royal Mile near other major venues. Great for flyering and dragging people off the street. The space out side the front makes it uite difficult for people to see the venue as they are likely to get run over by angry motorists therefore I do believe that more signage outsode the front would make life easier for both punters and performers. Once in the venue the space if fabulous, the seating was set out well with enough space for a large crowd. Although there was no where for punters for the nxt show to wait and it was quite distacting performing whilst people wandered in asking about the next show. t wasn't the customers fault but it was rather distracting half way through a joke having to explain that the next show starts in half an hour. It would maybe be nice to have a waiting area for people to get drinks inreadyness for the show they had come to see. Aside from this the staff were faboulous and always happy to help. We had fun.

An odd time to do adult comedy. At this time there are a lot of families looking for kids shows but the dye hard comedy fans came out of the wood work and supplied us with the laughs that we needed. At this time of day a good few hours of flyers before hand would have the place quite full. There was only two depressingly quiet days, on the whole it was a great experience and a lovely venue.

Well done to all.
Ruth Cockburn
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