Toby - 3.45-4.45pm

Toby - 3.45-4.45pm

Postby Lizzie Daykin » 11 Oct 2010, 16:30

We were very pleased with the speakeasy and benefitted from it's fantastic location.

Pros: - Good size for a show like ours where we performed off mic.
- Good storage and space upstairs to leave props, leaflets and have somewhere to warm up beforehand
- Central location, could pull people off the street minutes before the performance, good for flyering on the royal mile
- Helpful staff
- Good sound system
- There is an extra room attached at the back which is great as a quick change area, providing there is no one drinking in there.

Cons: - Chairs were too high so restricted audience visiblity as there is no raised stage area.
- There are some bad sightlines in the room because of pillars so chairs had to be set up carefully with that in mind
- The technical equipment was in view which we had to work in to the show
- There was no lighting for the first few days. This was resloved with a clip on halogen light.
- There was some confusion when equipment and chairs were moved between the three cabaret voltaire venues.

For the future...

- The storage area became messy and it may have been useful to have signs up to remind everyone to keep it tidy.
- We would stress the importance of helping out other acts and making sure the stage/lighting/sound is set up from the beginning of the day.
- Make an effort to get to know the staff and acts in the venue cause we needed them on several occasions when there were equipment difficulties.
- Our captain was brilliant but overloaded and so it is in your interest to volunteer your help because you'll probably end up doing it anyway. Take initiative, don't wait to be told what to do by the team captain.
- Cabaret Voltaire could benefit from having 3 team captain, one for each venue.
- There should be a scheduled compulsory meeting at each venue so that everyone is on the same page in terms of what needs to be done setting up wise from the beginning of each day, to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Overall, it was a truly wonderful, eye-opening experience. We have learnt so much and are very grateful to PBH's Freefringe for giving us the opportunity to do it.

Sarah and Lizzie - TOBY
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