Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting at 7:45-8:45

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting at 7:45-8:45

Postby Leah Rudick » 07 Oct 2010, 02:36

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting presents "Daddy's Basement Circus"

Whistlebinkies at 7:45-8:45

WB had a lot of pros and a few cons.

-Perfect location, right off the royal mile. two of us flyered for a couple hours and the place was packed almost every show (30-50 people).
-it's a music venue so it's an actual stage and they have their own mics, chords, speakers, DI boxes, sound board and etc
-The staff at WB was fantastic. they went as far as to tape microphones above the stage to pick up our voices because we don't talk straight into mics.

-as a sketch group we don't use mics. Our main problem was that the room is long and the back of the audience is right by the rest of the bar (separated only by a thin curtain). We were the last show of the night and as our show went on the bar filled up and got louder and louder making hearing our voices nearly impossible for the anyone in the back of the audience. even after the bar staff put mics on the top of the stage to pick up our voices it was still difficult. this was a huge con for our group but if it were a stand up show it wouldn't have been as affected.
-The management at WB's wanted to start music earlier on Saturdays so any shows that started after 6pm had to take those days off.

We really loved the venue, it just didn't suit our show as perfectly as we would have hoped.
Even though WB's didn't have a set venue captain at the start of the fringe most everyone pulled together to run the venue as smoothly as possible.
The people in the show directly before us (KABOOM) were fantastic at letting people know there was another free show after theirs, and it seemed everyone performing atWBs did this so we had many repeat audience members.
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