Wacky pet project idea - First Aid Training for Stand Ups

How shall the Free Fringe be organised and run in the future?

Wacky pet project idea - First Aid Training for Stand Ups

Postby High Priestess » 10 Apr 2012, 17:02

I do St John Ambulance in what free time I have, and it occurred to me while standing in a muddy field watching a lot of people run by, that it is always good to have a few first aiders in the workplace. And when you have a group of people who spend their working life in pubs and clubs, and on the road, giving them a bit of first aid training might save some lives. And when are a load of them all in one place? August.

So I had a very pie-in-the-sky idea that it might be good to organise a one-off day course in first aid for stand-ups and related trades. Perhaps tailored to the job - so what to do for car accidents, people choking on their dinners, having heart attacks, allergic reactions. The sort of things you might come across as comedians.

Not only might it save some lives, it might be good publicity and an occasion to perhaps do a fundraiser for the voluntary first aid societies to pay for them sending a trainer. It'd be St Andrew Ambulance north of the border.

What do you all think? Silly idea, good idea but too much hassle to organise, or is there some mileage in it?

I'd have put this in the 2012 section but I don't seem able to post in there.

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