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How shall the Free Fringe be organised and run in the future?

Online Programme

Postby andrewjlederer » 13 Sep 2011, 10:21

Many of this year's reports attest to the primacy of the Free Fringe brochure in bringing punters to our shows. It stands to reason that a visually compelling, easier to navigate, online programme would further assist public and performers alike.

The site we've had has been useful and I mean no disrespect to its designers and maintainers. It's just that people like to research shows online and the comfort factor and "realness" of a fully-fledged online programme would likely add another clump of dedicated punters to the ever-increasing numbers who walk around clutching the printed programme in their paws.

Sadly, designing and implementing such a presence is beyond my meager capabilities. But I suspect we have amongst us some who could pull it off brilliantly. Perhaps, reading this, they will identify themselves.

And off we will go.
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Re: Online Programme

Postby andrewjlederer » 13 Sep 2011, 10:24

And hell, while I'm at it, if amongst us lurks one who can make a smartphone app conveying our schedule, may he or she step forward now as well.
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Re: Online Programme

Postby Owen Niblock » 26 Oct 2011, 09:07

I could do a smart-phone app. (Currently only programming Android but hopefully be on to iPhone dev by next fringe).
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Re: Online Programme

Postby PBH » 27 Oct 2011, 00:04

I think we have a good on-line programme system, and thank you Mike Cummins for designing and contributing it.

Suggestions for improving that system should initially go to Mike. I don't want to publish his email here for every spammer to find, but I'll give it to anybody who wants to make a serious input here.

I understand nothing of smartphones, and I will leave that issue for those who do.

I have always thought the low-tech solution of making our programme an MS Word file (which it is at one stage anyway) or an Excel sheet (which it also is at one stage anyway) and letting anybody who wants it download it would actually be quite a viable thing. The Excel would allow people to sort and search by whatever criteria they chose, without our having to program a thing. The Word file would simply have the same information as the printed programme, in the same order (start time).

The main problems in the past have been late submission of final show titles, blurbs and pictures, taking on shows at the last minute (which I have always seen as a good thing; we got several decent shows that way) and the sale of enough advertising to make the printed programme viable. I maintain, as do others, that the printed programme is our single strongest weapon.
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