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The following statistics are a rough guide to how we got people in, compiled by the simple measure of asking people as they came through the door how they heard about us! They're not terribly scientific - I don't have data for all the days we ran and there's a certain amount of rounding up and down.

However, hopefully they should be some use for people thinking about taking a show up next year.

Fringe Brochure 22%
Guardian Guide 18%
Flyering 14% (note 1)
Free Fringe Brochure 5%
Word of mouth 14%
Walk by 6%
Web 2%
Other Free Fringe Shows 4% (largely same venue)
Returning audience 15%

(note 1) This is potentially misleading - 14% on flyering doesn't mean that flyering is ineffective. It means we didn't do a colossal amount of it. After the first couple of days it was evident we didn't need too, so thereafter we had one person flyering for two and a half hours a day immediately before the show. Had we had a team of 4 or 5 people flyering for several hours a day (who were good at it) we would probably have got more. I also suspect late in the day may not be as good a time for flyering, though I have nothing to back that up.

The proportions varied substantially on a day to day basis - so for example on one day we might get nearly everyone from the Fringe Brochure and the following day hardly anyone. It's therefore important to keep using a wide mix of methods (e.g. get flyers out every day!)

Audience Numbers
We were full every night except Fringe Sunday (when our numbers from flyering were about average, but everything else was down) . We were "most" full (e.g. people couldn't get in and we were suggesting they go next door to Canon's gait) on saturdays.

Audience Timings:
The show officially started at 10.25. We typically had a small number of people arriving from about 10pm onwards. However the majority of people arrived between 10.20 and 10.35. It was not that unusual to be almost empty at the official start time, but completely full within ten minutes. Typically there would be a small number of people arriving throughout the first hour of the show.

Feedthrough to other Free Fringe shows:
This is basically a guess based on if I saw people at other shows who I thought I recognised! However, I think we did quite well on that and also just talking to some of our returning audience members it seemed they were going to go to/had been to other shows too. I did not, however, gain any strong sense that they understood the nature of the Free Fringe as distinct from other places doing free shows.
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wow, this is very useful indeed, thanks for doing it!
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