Hurray for PBH and the Free Fringe

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Hurray for PBH and the Free Fringe

Postby 99club » 28 Aug 2007, 02:58

I'll post something more detailed about our shows at the White Horse at a decent hour. I also have statistics about where the audience came from for our shows, which once I've had chance to put it all together will hopefully be useful for everyone doing shows next year.

But before all that I just wanted to offer a huge vote of thanks to PBH in particular and to everyone who made the Free Fringe such a huge success (so all of us!).

And it was a big success - there were very painful problems at Madogs and with numbers at Canon's Gait, but we musn't let those problems overshadow the huge achievements there were across the whole Free Fringe. Every show I saw at the venue I was at was a really good show and had good audiences in. While I didn't get to every venue I heard the same from The Laughter Gang who were over at the Outhouse and the same again from people who were doing a show in the evening at the Mercat.

We've proved it can be done - that venues can be run with this ethos and with these beliefs and principles. If we'd run just one venue this well it would have proved that point, but to have several is nothing less than a triumph.

I'll certainly be back next year and I'll be singing the praises of the Free Fringe to any acts who'll listen.

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