well, we made it

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2007

well, we made it

Postby PBH » 27 Aug 2007, 19:39

I've just got back. I'm doing this before even unpacking. And, thanks for asking, I blew a head gasket on the journey and had to be AA-towed home.

I've set up this new area of the forum. What I'd like is for each show to post its experiences here. Tell the story. What was good, what was bad, what could be improved and by whom. But remember; we're a collective, so just expecting all improvgements to happen through me won't be adequate. What can you do to help?

I have my own views, but I want to hear yours, and so does everybody else.

Possibly each show should start a new topic on the forum? But as long as there's a discussion I'm not concerned about format.

Over to you.


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