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Free Fringe Vision

Postby PBH » 26 Nov 2015, 09:37

The Free Fringe was founded on a vision. Not everybody realises that. Perhaps that is because we have never spelt it out. It may help if we do.

These were the elements of the vision:

A Fringe where the artists who make it happen are (apart from the audience) the only important people.

An end to the excesses of pay-to-play.

An end to wasted resources which drain the artists’ pockets.

An end to the arms race under which more money is spent every year on publicity, at the artists’ cost.

An end to massive losses by shows.

An end to unrealistic dreams of overnight success which lead artists to make inappropriate choices.

A Fringe in which performers are free to enjoy performing with as little pressure as possible.

A Fringe which does not bow to commercial pressures or sponsors, nor has to waste energy in pursuit of finance.

An end to competition between shows. No more isolation of performers and no more performers feeling unsupported during the Fringe.

An end to profiteering from the work of the performers.


From this vision everything we do has followed, including the current Ethos and Conditions.

We support the election of the maximum possible number of performers to the Fringe Board of Directors, so that the Fringe shall consider first and foremost the interests of the performers without whom it could not happen. Performers are also venue managers and are also audience members.

Our existence predicates on a better and fairer deal for performers. For this to succeed, performers need to support each other. They also need to some extent to change the conventional thinking. The majority of people on the media and ‘industry professionals’ lists do not deserve the deference they appear to expect. There is nothing more important than entertaining the audience for each show.
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