Jay Handley: Hansplaining 22:00

Jay Handley: Hansplaining 22:00

Postby JayH » 08 Jan 2018, 00:46

Had a wonderful run in The Waverly!

The room is a characterful, folky room above a pub. Fits around 50 when packed and 35 odd seated.

It has a lovely inviting atmosphere and is very comfortable.

The staff were all brilliant.

It was very hot with the windows down. And hot with the windows up.
There was some noise bleed from the street with windows up but not enough to be distracting.

Its a slightly odd set up audience wise with a big chunk in front of the 'stage' area but a bench over to right which holds another 10 or so people. On quieter nights its advisable to mush people together rather than let them sit around the perimeter!


I was super happy with my show this year. I talked about a load of stuff I was really interested in and I had the best buckets I've had in 4 years of solo shows. Loads of people stayed to chat about the subject matter after shows and I felt I went up a gear in my ability and the quality of my material.

Getting people in was pretty easy. I think I had 4 shows that weren't full. Its on the Royal mile so plenty of punters to flyer before the show.
I got around half of my audience from doing spots then the rest from flyering/app/brochure etc.

Buckets were great. Average around £100
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