The Rise of a Comedy Dictator at 6.15pm

The Rise of a Comedy Dictator at 6.15pm

Postby obonjopresident » 31 Aug 2017, 21:24

I loved performing at Waverley Bar lovely room and I was always full every night with no shows cancelled throughout the run , I think in hindsight I could have played the room better by using the stage that had the Billy Connolly statue located on it , when the room is packed it got really hot and with the windows were opened at 6,15pm the noise from the main road was a distraction at times , I also found not being able to close the door when performing a distraction and when the pub is full Downstairs you could hear the noise from below , that said all acts got on well thanks to the venue captain Paul B Edwards for his words of encouragement and to Top Joe and Che Burnley for the chats and help. I am naturally torn between Waverley Bar and Vodoo Rooms , saturdays were always full compared to Fridays at 6.15pm. I must not forget the hospitality from the bar staff overall a great venue and if I was offered the venue again I will jump at it but very torn between Waverely Bar and Vodoo Rooms .

Thank you PBH
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