The Time Machine (Speakeasy 13:45)

The Time Machine (Speakeasy 13:45)

Postby LaurenceOwen » 08 Sep 2017, 13:34


The show was a two-hander musical version of HG Wells' The Time Machine.

Show Time

I think for a show of this type, a lunchtime/afternoon slot is great. Being an adaptation of a classic novel, this attracted a wide range of audiences young and old, so a daytime slot felt very appropriate.


The Speakeasy is a gorgeous space, one of the nicest rooms on the Fringe I think. It's certainly extremely helpful to have a permanent sound system in place, since our show was entirely music-based, and the black box feel and velvet curtains make for a really nice atmosphere. Being able to achieve a nice blackout on the audience is helpful too, as it helps them relax and laugh more heartily. There's also a very good, quiet air-con, which we would strongly advise keeping on (even if the one or two people are a bit chilly!) as to have it off makes the room into a sweatbox, which no-one enjoys.


As I've said above, the tech in the Speakeasy is excellent. The PA is powerful and clear, and with a bit of EQ tweaking I could make my backing tracks and vocal mic sound as good as they would in any venue, paid or otherwise. We had no need of a tech, as we set the lights ourselves, and controlled the sound cues from a laptop on the stage, which was connected to the desk via a long cable that I brought with me. The stage is side-lit by 8 coloured cans, which was great as long as I didn't lean too far forward off the stage, and there are various house lighting states to choose from, controlled by sliders a panel at the back of the room by the bar. The staff were always happy to let me play around with the lights, and it takes no time to reset for the next show. Every now and again there were some sound issues, but they were easily fixed between the Voodoo staff and I.


From what I could gather, most of my audience came as a result of the show being in the main Fringe programme. I ordered 5000 flyers, which I mostly handed out after another show I was in each day at the Underbelly. I only printed 6 posters, which were all just up in the Voodoo Rooms themselves. We got a fair number of reviews from small publications, including Edinburgh Festivals Magazine and Broadway World. No newspapers this year.


We were extremely fortunate with our audiences this year, and were full almost every day, often having to turn people away. This is the 3rd year I've had a show at this timeslot, and I think to some extent I'm growing some loyalty, which is very heartening. Generally the buckets were very healthy too.

Colleagues shows

Lee Hathaway was before us with his Magdaddy show, and was at least half-full most days. Rob Carter followed us, and I believe he was also turning people away regularly.


This is such a lovely room to be in, and the staff are always friendly and extremely helpful. There were a lot of busy shows this year and they managed to keep the queues under control in a narrow stairwell amazingly well. The Voodoo Rooms has a quality feel, and I heard a lot of punters saying that they'd be happy to spend a good few days just watching PBH shows in this venue, so I think it's starting to get a really great reputation. Long may it continue!
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