Circled in the Radio Times. 1.30 pm. French Quarter

Circled in the Radio Times. 1.30 pm. French Quarter

Postby John_Osborne » 04 Sep 2017, 15:15


This is my second time at the Voodoo Rooms. The bar staff and door staff made it incredibly stress free and it was good to see the same people everyday.

Show Time

1.30pm - A really good way to start the day - both for me and the people who came to my show. I had good numbers for the whole run and I think this is largely because of the good venue and a time that meant I didn't clash with too many things.


I was in the French Quarter and I don't think there are many better rooms on the fringe. Comfy for audience members who were well looked after by bar staff.

Stage/Lights/Sound - This had everything I needed and I saw other shows in both the Speakeasy and the French Quarter and the range of sound and lighting possibilities was really impressive.

Buckets/Audiences: Consistently good. I only had two days that were completely full, but I never had fewer than ten and I had an average audience of around 20, and I didn't have any problems with any audience members, and they were all very positive. It made for a very enjoyable experience. It was very positive to know that without any reviews and without paying for PR people came along to the show every day.

I'd be really keen to do more shows here in future years so hopefully I'll be back again next year.
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