Jennings & Buchanan: Some Laugh (French Quarter, 5:15PM)

Jennings & Buchanan: Some Laugh (French Quarter, 5:15PM)

Postby Marc Jennings » 01 Sep 2017, 15:32

We had a lovely time in the Voodoo Rooms this year and would like to particularly thank all the staff for their help and hard work throughout the run. The door and barstaff were all so nice and accommodating to us throughout the month.

Voodoo Rooms is obviously in the New Town, so while it does seem to have its own ecosystem of audiences coming to see specific shows (particularly Cabaret, Magic etc), there's not as many passing punters wandering around looking to take a punt on a random show (particularly without the usual festivities at St. Andrew's Square) as elsewhere, meaning it took us a while to figure out where best to flyer etc. for a split bill of stand-up from two young lads from Glasgow.

Fortunately however, Dave (the magician on in the room next to us) was turning upwards of 30-40 audience members away a day due to his show being to packed out - so with a bit of initiative and the help of the staff (as well as Dave himself) we managed to get most of these people into our show - meaning they were still getting a Free Fringe experience while allowing us to play to relatively full rooms almost every day.

Given that the majority of these audience members had initially been looking to see magic and got comedy instead, we were delighted with the audience response and the amount of people telling us they really enjoyed our show and were glad they'd came to see us.

The venue, room itself and staff were all brilliant (indeed we felt spoiled by having folk on the door to see to the audiences) but for a two-hander stand-up show like ours with no discernible "hooks"/devoted fanbase or following, in future we would perhaps be better placed in a venue like Black Market, Bar Bados or the like (unless we can be on around the same time as Dave again!)

But this being said, due in large part to the extremely fortunate circumstances mentioned above we had a brilliant run and would like to give a big thanks for having us as part of PBH's Free Fringe again, and hope to be back next year!
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