The Complete History of Pop in an Hour (10.30pm)

The Complete History of Pop in an Hour (10.30pm)

Postby paulrichards » 30 Aug 2017, 11:18

I had great pleasure in bringing our bizarre comedy/choir/chaotic show to the Voodoo Rooms for the second half of the festival. We were in the French Quarter which is a lovely room - it has it's own bar and toilets (which helped attract a few extra punters in, especially if the main bar upstairs was particularly busy) and, from an audience perspective, must be one of the most comfortable venues at the fringe.

Our show seemed to suit the vibe of the venue - it seems geared up for cabaret, and our mix of music, comedy and (controlled) chaos worked well within the space. The staff are rigorously organised, manning the doors/corridors to make sure audiences were going to the right places, but were extremely friendly and easy to work with throughout...they just make life very easy for the performers and it's very appreciated.

We had great crowds at weekends (in particular on Saturdays and Sundays when we pretty much filled the place), dipped a little midweek, but always felt busy enough. It was a pleasure to perform there and I'd love to be on that stage again.
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