Chris Cook: Concealed, 16:00 The Street

Chris Cook: Concealed, 16:00 The Street

Postby chriscook » 24 Oct 2017, 21:17


This is my fourth year at Edinburgh on the PBH FF. This show was a close-up magic show that is very interactive. It was a more of an intimate and relaxed companion piece to my main show in the Voodoo Rooms called Control.

Show Time and Audience numbers

My show time was the only thing I struggled with. 4pm is a little early to pull a good crowd in the Street though I always did well throughout the run. My main problem was it only gave me an hour between the end of my first show and the start of this one and it was just a little bit too tight. I'd definitely do it again but would just need a little more time to not feel so rushed. The Street can fit 30 people in it very comfortably and all with good sightlines. You can easily pack it with 50 people and everyone can still see pretty well but it might feel a bit tight... after that, you have to get creative. The space will definitely hold 70+ people, it's just a bit harder to fit everyone in and allow them all to see. I would usually pull an audience of between 10-30 people most days with some days getting as many as 45. Because of the limited time between this show and my previous one I rarely had enough time to flyer effectively for this one. I think with a bit more time I could have filled the venue more.

The stage in the Street is a little thrust stage. It's quite small but there's enough room to get a couple of people on it easily and to move about. There's a large sound desk that does somewhat limit sightlines but does mean that you can play music. There are a few lights to play with, including a spotlight that is easily moved to where you need it. I didn't use a mic as I didn't think I needed it for my style of show and the venue size though there were two microphones there to use.

There is some storage space outside at the back of the venue that is locked. The key is with the bar upstairs and they lend it to you to get in and out.


I struggled to find time to flyer for the show but I advertised it at the end of my voodoo rooms show and also exit-flyered other shows. I didn't put this show in the main fringe programme but it was in the wee blue book.


People were generally very generous. I don't have a pushy bucket speech at all, I'm just honest with the audience and ask them to support the show. Plenty of people put in 10 and 20 pound notes and it wasn't uncommon to have a hat that was all-notes and no coins.

Staff/Other Performers

The staff at the Street were great. Really helpful when it came to sorting out the venue, promoting the show, making you hot toddy's when you've lost your voice and anything in between. They also offered discounts on food and drink. You couldn't ask for much better :)


I had a great time at the Street. I'm really glad I decided to do two shows and would gladly return.
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