Laugh Begins At 40

Laugh Begins At 40

Postby LifebeginsJG » 12 Nov 2017, 12:12

For context, our show was a stand-up compilation show; Laugh Begins At 40.

Make sure you read the other venue reviews which pretty comprehensively cover everything you need to know about this venue. But here's my view....

This room is pretty good for stand-up comedy as the smallish (approx. 30) size of the room and closeness really help. The room is a long rectangle with the stage at the opposite end to the door. (if you’re reading this for a 2018 show, why not take some photos so you can share them on this forum to help future performers?). There is a long bench running down most of the wall on the left (looking at the stage) so we left a gap between that and the rows of chairs – however with acts coming and going from the stage there were a few toes getting stood on and knees banged for the people on the bench seat, so make sure there’s enough room for people to move freely.

The stage area itself is pretty small (if you want to do much more than stand in it) and not raised.

The lighting is not great as it’s normal room lighting (with a dimmer for several small lights in the ceiling and a coloured backlight on a large wall mirror - all of which can be switched off if necessary), so we had a buy portable spotlight, which helped a lot - but obviously that may or may not be there for you.

PBH Free Fringe provided a PA, a microphone and a mic stand. The PA also had an AUX input you can attach a phone/ipod to play music, etc.

The staff were really helpful and the pub itself gets top marks from me for stocking gluten-free beer. And then restocking it once I’d drank it all :D

Things you need to be aware of
The venue itself is a bit of a walk from areas where the crowds gather so you’ll have to put lots of effort into your flyering. We flyered George Square and that seemed to work well. If you’re putting a map on your flyer (which I'd recommend you do) definitely include George Square so people can at least find it from there.
The room is at the back of the pub, but is only separated from the main pub by a curtain, so there is a lot of noise bleed. People at the back of the room can be easily distracted by this.
The pub is pretty busy but no matter what the show is about I suspect the locals in the pub are not interested in going to see the show.

It’s a good venue (thanks PBH!) and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. We did.
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