7.30pm 07800 834030

7.30pm 07800 834030

Postby Miranda_Kane » 17 Jan 2018, 20:34

Also my second year at sneaky pete's and such a great venue! Lovely staff, and a great room with PA system and lights controlled at the bar (the staff are kind enough to switch these on/off, but you can have someone control them from the public side of the bar if need be)

Venue seats about 50 people. it's on Cowgate so there's a bit of noise from revellers outside but never made much of a difference to my show. People can come in and out as they please, and they find it easy to find.
the performace area is a raised stage, perfect for solo/duo shows. No backstage and PA is controlled from onstage so keep your show simple and you'll be grand!

Staff were great, and helped me with the lights every time!

I advertised my show in the big book, and flyered as well as had some kind press mentions from the last time I did it.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - Sold out on fridays and saturdays, Sunday crowds were large too. Overall, the room is an easy one to fill even from just curious passers-by.

The show itself was an improv comedy based around phone messages. I think it went a bit better than last year knowing what to expect, and 'tricks' I could do with the audience. Great reaction!

- Buckets were about £4 a head, but improved when i asked for £10 instead of £5! Also invested in an izettle which takes card payments. (get someone to help you with those as it can be a bit fiddly) fortunately Silky and glen from the following show were there to help.

- Any other learning points for anyone involved - There's no storage, and you need to have someone on the door if you don't wantpeople coming in halfway through. (but if your show is good enough, they will stay! But make sure the next act is there to catch them as they try to run past the bucket!)

Great venue, great staff, really easy to flyer and would be a great experience for anyone!
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