1.15pm Robin Boot's Rockomedy: Puns of AnyKey

1.15pm Robin Boot's Rockomedy: Puns of AnyKey

Postby RobinBoot » 06 Nov 2017, 18:46

My 3rd year with PBH and 2nd at Sneaky Pete's. Here is the summary:

- 22 shows (1 day off) at 1.15pm
- venue is well located, the sound system works really well for musical acts (made my electric guitar sound better than any comedy club I've played in)
- staff are really friendly and helpful. Other acts were a joy to work with too (especially Joe Wells and Pete Dobbing either sied of mine).
- stage is really good and raises you about 80cm so visibility is good anywhere in the venue
- be aware that there is no storage facility at this venue!
- It seats about 50. I averaged just over that, maxing out at just over 70 on busy days and mid twenties on a couple of quiet days in the final week (still fine for the size of the venue).
- Bucket max: £315, Lowest: £91, Average £175 (up about £40 from 2016)
- Marketing: Official fringe brochure and Wee Blue Book, a few posters around the outside of the venue, pop-up banner 1 hour before the show, about 40 minutes flyering before the show, exit flyering after any spots I did.

I can definitely recommend this venue and hope to be back for more PBH action in 2018

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