Geek Salad (2.35pm)

Geek Salad (2.35pm)

Postby UpTheAntics » 01 Jan 2018, 12:10

We had a great time performing at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, and very much enjoyed our experience with PBH Free fringe. We were performing a sketch show entitled “Geek Salad” for the last week of the fringe, focusing on pop and geek culture as the overall theme of the show.

The venue is located just off of Grassmarket, which we found easy to direct people from Grassmarket (or even the mile to), it helped us to have a basic map on the flyer, as it’s not a venue punters will walk past on a regular basis, and to have somebody standing outside to help greet customers and manage the queue (door duty)

The space could seat about 30, and we had 2 / 7 nights where every seat was full. The rest the room was about half full. It’s hard to tell from the stage as there are no house lights so you can’t see past the first row or so.

The staff were very helpful and on hand if we needed assistance, we were allowed to keep our props and flyers in the changing rooms mid-week (whilst there were no club nights)

The space was perfect for a mic-less sketch show. One of the other acts very kindly bought a lighting bar, which we contributed some money towards and used during the show for lights out between sketches.

Geek Salad was a compilation sketch show. It was probably slightly too prop and costume-heavy for the venue, as we had to use the corridor next to the toilets to change in, which was hard work but necessary.

Feedback was positive from audiences, with lots of people coming to see (especially mid-week) the show. As it had quite a niche pull, customers didn’t mind going off the beaten track slightly


Make sure to be attentive to the show before and the show after, as door duty is critical in this venue due to being outside to direct people in and showing people to their seats. One of those theatre or usher lights would be useful (or just the light on your phone) to show latecomers to their seats.

Overall, a great venue and wonderful performance space. Many thanks PBH.
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