Keep calm and Scary On / Edinburgh HorrorShow

Keep calm and Scary On / Edinburgh HorrorShow

Postby ashpryce_2017 » 12 Nov 2017, 04:58

Silk Nightclub (downstairs) is one of my favourite spaces to use. It was my second year in the space, and I was once again quite happy there.

This is a night club situated between grass Market and Lothian Road. Do not listen to people complaining about being difficult to find – stand in the Grass Market, point your hand and say “thataway” and you’ve successfully directed people to it.

The downstairs space comfortably seats about 30 people, but can easily accommodate more and on several days we had standing room only.

The staff are great and helpful, but also very hands off which is nice as they just let us get on with things.

Because of the space set up, sound travels very well and with no natural light bleed it is a really good space. I brought in a LED lighting bar to share with those in downstairs room and it created a useable throw.

Keep calm and Scary on was my main show. The show did well. There was a slight programming error (this was a mix up with show numbers) but it didn’t have a noticeable effect. The shows ran, usually with good crowds, and takings were good enough that they made up for the lesser successful How to be a Psychic Conman over at Black Market.

Because this was a new show, and I knew the venue, it meant I could actually craft the show specifically to fit within that venue and this really REALLY helped. It is quite possibly one of the best shows I’ve done and received very positive feedback from audiences- with people coming back to see it again.

The other show I did, was on the days off from that show. Edinburgh HorrorShow is a cabaret show I run throughout the year. It went well, good audiences, and good acts. Being a variable bill show it was always different, and the acts were all hgh quality. It went well.

The venue is probably best suited to more cabaret style performances. The shows that had a more cabaret feel seemed to do better, and better fit within the space than other shows. Being on the opposite side of town to Voodoo Rooms could make it a useful place to have a mini cabaret hub with the middle room suitable for larger scale, circus type acts.

All in all it was a very positive experience and I would love to return to Silk (downstairs) next year at a similar time.
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