'Wrestling Mania!' & 'First Actress' (ABP)

'Wrestling Mania!' & 'First Actress' (ABP)

Postby Alex Brockie » 01 Sep 2017, 17:36


First let me start by saying; I love PBH! – Without this organisation and the opportunities it provides I would not be able to take my work to the Edinburgh Fringe (at all). That being said, with PBH you don’t get to choose your venue so each year your allotted performance space is a surprise, one which will inevitably test the flexibility of both you and your work. This year I took up two shows (for two weeks), both of which were on in Silk (Middle) and here's my assessment of this venue based on my experience:

. The venue is near the Grassmarket, which is a decent place to flyer
. The performance space in Middle is large and flexible in terms of layout
. There was a good range of shows on offer at the venue (in both Middle & Lower)
. The other acts I encountered were all friendly and supportive
. The venue looks pretty cool inside and has good facilities
. The venue staff were helpful - one even offered to help flyer one of my shows!

. Being a nightclub, the lighting is fairly poor/dim throughout the building (especially in Middle)
. You can only store things in the venue on non-nightclub days (Sunday-Thursday)
. Despite being just off the Grassmarket, the venue is quite tucked-away and out of sight
. The venue doesn’t get a lot of through-traffic / passers-by

Ultimately, despite slight geographical and logistical issues I think Silk is a very good venue with a great deal to offer artists looking to showcase their work at the Fringe. It is near the action, looks cool and has a great atmosphere. Finally, both my shows ran smoothly and attracted audiences of around 20-30 every day (and we weren't even in the main programme), so from this perspective - which is perhaps the most important of all - I would say that Silk accommodated our needs extremely well and I would be very interested in performing here again.

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