Getting Serious - 5 PM upstair at Opium -Rory o Hanlon

Getting Serious - 5 PM upstair at Opium -Rory o Hanlon

Postby rohanloncomedy » 19 Oct 2017, 15:45

This was my second year performing at opium.I had a great time.The venue is a great space to perform.Every day was packed i had 3 people flyering as well as myself doing spots all over the place.This helped me fill it everyday.The staff at Opium were great.The room seats 70 and over 100 standing.The sound was great.The room has no noise bleed and is easily managed.The only slight problem is the fact that Jolly boat starts at the same time and outside can be very conjested.A small problem tbh.

Overall is was a great success.In my opinion it's one of the best rooms at the fringe to perform in

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