Northern Power Blouse - 15:45 - Upstairs

Northern Power Blouse - 15:45 - Upstairs

Postby Cas+ » 14 Sep 2017, 09:27

Opium is great.
Great location, great staff and great venue.
Upstairs is a long rectangle room where they hold their club nights and live music events in the evening and it has a stage. There's also a small bar to the side of the stage in an alcove.
The venue seats about 70 and you can have around 100 when standing. Our buckets were nice and healthy - but buckets I think reflect the individual show rather than anything else.
It has it's own PA but must be controlled from the back of the room so if you need more than just switching a mic on you'll need someone for tech.
We had full houses most days- on quiet days (Wednesday of the last week) we were never less than half full. We'd put that down to location, flyering, word of mouth, audience coming after seeing us at other shows and our marketing (fun picture and usp of the show). As with most new Edinburgh shows, if you've got a 'hook' you've more chance of getting an audience.
We were doing a sketch show so the performance space was great for that with 2 wings the venue made with black fabric either side of the stage.
One thing I would say is, as there were 3 of us, was we couldn't use mics so had to make sure we projected well to be heard at the back as it is a long room.
The staff are all legends and unfortunately introduced us to Buckfastbombs (don't ask!)

If you ever get this venue - please treat it with all the respect it deserves as you'd be really lucky to do a show there.

Suggestions for next year - There was a slight confusion as to wether there would be a show on the last Sunday. The venue didn't do it in 2016 and decided not to open for on the last Sunday in 2017, so I guess they may want the same for 2018?
Also, Sneaky Petes, Subway and Opium are 3 PBH venues in a row. At 15:45, the time of our show, it was also the start time for a show at Sneaky Petes and Subway - for ease of congestion outside the venues might be worth making sure the start times at these 3 venues are slightly staggered.

Lastly, thank you. Thanks to all our lovely PBH fellow acts at the venue and those nearby, a lovely team spirit between everyone. Thank you to Opium for being supportive and an absolute dream. Thanks to everyone at PBH for all their hard work and giving us the chance to save thousands of pounds by doing the free fringe. We had an absolute blast!

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