Autopsy The Soul Of Richard Nixon - 1.10pm

Autopsy The Soul Of Richard Nixon - 1.10pm

Postby Steve McLean » 09 Sep 2017, 07:49

Lovely room. Ideal for a small show like mine... it holds about 20 so when you have over 10 in it feels full.

It's a tiny bit out of the old town so passing trade is local, that being said the regular patrons of the cafe came along during the run. I made sure I chatted to everyone I saw in the establishment more than once.

The owner was very helpful and his father is quite a character. Not a day went by where they didn't offer me free food or drink (I declined as I get a little jumpy before and after gigs)...but the food looked lovely.

I laid the room out with the performance area in the side corner to maximize the amount of chairs.

Our venue captain Colin was very helpful. He was in a day earlier setting the room up so we had very little to do. Well done Colin.

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