Liquid Rooms (Warehouse) - Russian Roulette Cabaret

Liquid Rooms (Warehouse) - Russian Roulette Cabaret

Postby Shantisha » 06 Nov 2017, 19:38

Enormous thanks to the Liquid Rooms management and staff for making us feel so much at home again and in particular for making all our acts, including the ones with more complicated tech requirements, feel so welcome too! Special thanks for going ahead with all the rigging for the aerial circus acts – it really made a huge difference and we had a fantastic run! I can’t thank Tom Kemp (the in-house tech) enough for all he was doing for us on a daily basis in the course of the Festival to keep things rolling smoothly. Still hoping he’ll change his mind about quitting and will be with us again during the Fringe-2018.

I also greatly enjoyed being a venue captain for the LR Warehouse this year and will be more than happy to do it again next year. The Warehouse shows were a fab team throughout the whole Festival. We all chipped in to put some larger durable posters (more like banners) with show details and arrows to direct the audiences around the venue. The venue is a bit of a labyrinth and all the shows at the Warehouse told me that they found this improved signposting very useful. We printed and brought the posters from Russia to cut the costs and should be able to do the same for both Warehouse and Annexe next time if I’m VC-ing again.

Here are some technical details about the venue:

1) There are normally around 180-200 movable foldable chairs facing the stage, with a walk down the middle of the room. More chairs could be put in if necessary and there are also some benches along the walls. The venue doesn’t object to having quite a few people standing if there aren’t enough seats for everyone wishing to see the show.
2) The stage is raised (about 70 cm) and it’s about 12 metres wide and 2,5 metres deep (approximately, we don’t know the exact dimensions). There are hidden steps leading onto the stage behind a wing on the left-hand side (if you’re facing the stage) + movable steps you can place wherever you want. All the sound and light control panels are on the right-hand side. The ceilings are high enough for me to stand on my husband’s shoulders (but then my view of the room was blocked by the lights system).
3) There is a bar stand along the wall opposite the stage. There is usually someone from the staff there and they can communicate with the staff upstairs to call the audience in when you are ready.
4) The in-house tech will run you through the equipment before the beginning of the run and might be able to help you with the set up before your show if necessary, but will not be available during the show. So you need to tech your show yourself as in all the other venues.
5) This is what we had in terms of sound in 2017: 2 vocal mics on stands and 2 DI boxes, the sound desk with 24 channels. The sound is amazing!
6) Lighting is fantastic too. According to the info I’ve got from the in-house tech it’s a combination of robe 575eAT spots and washes controlled by Avolites Quartz desk.
7) There is also a projector fed by vga cable.
8 ) There is no dedicated space for changing. But there are some more steps on the left-hand side leading up to another exit which is not being used during the Festival. The staircase is somewhat hidden away from the audience’s view and some of my acts were able to change there even during the show.
9) The storage space we used this year was different from the one we had in 2016 (it then was located under the steps I mention in 8 above). This time it was located outside the actual space, closer to Annexe, right opposite the lavatories. Because it was the only storage space accessible even during the shows, it was used by both the Warehouse and the Annexe shows. There seemed to be enough space for everyone and we used it quite comfortably throughout the Festival. The only downside of using this space as storage was that it was just as easily accessible to the members of the audience. There were CCTV cameras inside for crime prevention purposes and nothing bad ever happened until the very final day of the Festival. On that morning we found some of our cases opened and several props and other things went missing (ours and belonging to one other show). Luckily, no expensive equipment was stolen and as far as I know the incident has been successfully investigated thanks to CCTV and the venue’s amazing attitude. It’s probably a good idea to take some steps for better storage space protection next year.

All in all, this is a fabulous venue and I’m immensely thankful to Luke Meredith for giving us these slots for our show! It was our second year playing here and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We managed to keep the room pretty full on most days and had some full houses during the weekends.

Huge thanks also to the PBH’s FF and Peter Buckley Hill himself for providing this incredible opportunity for us, the performers, to take part in the largest arts Festival in the world in keeping with the true spirit of the original Fringe and without having to pay an arm and a leg for doing so.
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