Liquid Rooms Warehouse

Liquid Rooms Warehouse

Postby Magic and Mayhem » 05 Sep 2017, 20:58

We just want to say a massive thanks to PBH for the slot at the Liquid Rooms Warehouse for our show ‘Magic and Mayhem', we can’t thank everyone enough for all their hard work. The venue was fantastic and we managed to fill the Warehouse most days (even exceeding the 200-220 capacity a few times) thanks to some hard work flyering, location and the brilliance of the WBB. The Liquid Rooms is a great venue with a large stage ideal for performing magic, great lighting, seats facing the stage and a bar at the back that was staffed throughout. It was a privilege to play there each day. Buckets were also generous and improved as the week went on inline with our speeches, though no one has a better bucket speech than Dan Willis who had the slot before us - it was magnificent.

The staff at the LR including Angus & Abbie (& everyone else who's names we didn't catch) were excellent & Tom Kemp who did the tech was amazingly supportive, generous and helped us far beyond the call of duty. Miroslava our venue captain was also fantastic, she worked tirelessly to ensure everyone could find our shows at the Warehouse and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. Miroslava did everything from getting the Fringe site to acknowledge the warehouse on their site, putting up signage at the venue and printing A1 posters for all our shows. Miroslava and her husband Ivan also ran an excellent cabaret night at the venue that helped expose our act to more people, some of whom definitely came back to see our show as a result of doing their gig.

Without PBH there’s no way we could have played to what we estimate was up to 1500 people during our short 8 show run. The fringe would also be totally inaccessible for thousands of performers and audiences alike without the genius of Peter Buckley Hill, Luke and the rest of the PBH team and needless to say we would love to come back to the Liquid Rooms Warehouse next year.

Best, Phil Knoxville and Ben Cardall.
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