Liquid Rooms Annexe

Liquid Rooms Annexe

Postby StuGoldsmith » 02 Sep 2017, 16:13

Once again the LR staff were excellent and extremely helpful.

Sound tech Tom has now left, which is a shame as he was really helpful and enjoyably dour.

I don't have a negative thing to say about the place. They put in an extra row of chairs at short notice for me, literally seven minutes later there were an extra 10 seats and the rest had been moved accordingly to make room. The room can seat 110-120 i think, and at max capacity i think they said there were 165 in on several occasions, with some standing and more importantly staying.

Next year the Annexe would benefit from a big group poster detailing all the shows there. The Warehouse team did this and we were daft not to do the same.

The venue continues to benefit from being cut off to foot traffic from Cowgate.

In terms of visibility the outside alleyway entrance has a huge sign saying Warehouse - the Annexe shows weren't too visible. Easily remedied if we'd gotten round to it.

The attitude of the LR staff is excellent; they'll help if they can, and they're straight with you if they're unable or unwilling to compromise on any aspect of the set-up.

I didn't use any tech besides v basic lights up/down and two mics. No problems with either. The blackout is only engaged by pressing three buttons at once, so not ideal for someone with small hands. #freefringe

Angus is a hero. Great staff, great people, great venue.
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