Liquid Rooms Annexe (Dave & Elliot's Wheel Of Magic)

Liquid Rooms Annexe (Dave & Elliot's Wheel Of Magic)

Postby Elliot-Bibby » 15 Nov 2017, 14:32

The entrance this year was again from Victoria Street with 2 sets of stairs either side of the building leading into the courtyard area. This is now undercover which is a great addition, meaning acts people can queue for shows under cover

The room held about 110-120 seated after the addition of another row of seats after the first couple of nights. With the bar being shortened this year, it meant that there was more standing room. Overall capacity was now up to about 160-170.

The staff were absolutely fantastic again. Tom the tech was always brilliant in communicating with all the acts.

We could of done with some signage - something like The Warehouse acts had. This was probably my fault as Venue Captain for not organising this and getting it done.

Overall though, a very successful year again at The Liquid Rooms with great acts, great staff, and a great space to perform in.
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