23:15 - UCL Comedy Club: After the Watershed

23:15 - UCL Comedy Club: After the Watershed

Postby EllaUCL » 29 Nov 2017, 15:26

UCL Comedy Club: After the Watershed
5th-15th Aug: Bad Fiction – Worse News
17th-26th Aug: The Blank Slates – The Revolution Will Be Improvised
Our run was shared between two comedy shows from UCL Comedy Club, the first being a Sketch show and the second Improv.

The performance space is in the side ‘room’ of the pub. Each day it had to be set up and packed down, which involved moving tables, chairs and benches, and putting up panels to make it a proper room. There is no door, only a curtain, so although it feels like you have your own separate space there can sometimes be a bit of noise disturbances. We only found this to be a problem on Saturdays, and if the wall panels had not been put in properly. Note that our issues with noise disturbance may have only been due to the fact we do not use microphones in either of our shows.
I would estimate that the room capacity was about 30, however it would vary depending on how the room had been set up that day. Again, the size of the stage depends on how the room is set up. It’s easy to add or remove a row of chairs depending on how much space you need. We managed to perform sketch and improv here but it is a bit on the small side.

On Canongate, which it the continuation of The Royal Mile, about a 10 minute walk from the midpoint of the Mile. Its closes landmark is the Scottish Parliament Building. This venue is a bit out of the way to get audiences from passing traffic, especially with our time slot. Having said that, the audience you do get tends to have come to the Kilderkin with the intention of seeing your show, so you don’t get as many people leaving during the show as you would in more central locations (the most we ever had was 2).

The Kilderkin is a really lovely bar. They serve amazing pizzas (£1 on Mondays) which is a great thing to through in when you are trying to see your show. The staff are super friendly and helpful, and were happy for us to store props and flyers there.
We didn’t have any problems with queuing and we were consistently able to accommodate our audiences. We had the last time slot of the night and we didn’t mind people sitting in the room whilst we set up. Also by that time in the evening there was normally plenty of space for people to wait in the bar. I would be interested to know how queuing worked for shows earlier in the evening that were more popular than ours.

Numbers started slow (mostly due to issues with flyers) but the size and set up of the room meant it wasn’t overly awkward to perform to 3 people. Once the Fringe was in full swing we were getting 60-100% full rooms. We attracted some of our audience by flyering, but also found success in plugging our show to people already in the bar. Bucket takings varied from £5-£100, averaging about £20 per night.

Overall we enjoyed our time at the Kilderkin.
Many Thanks,
Ella and the rest of UCL Comedy Club
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