DOMMY B PRESENTS at Hispaniola

DOMMY B PRESENTS at Hispaniola

Postby Dommy B » 30 Aug 2017, 11:16

Hey folks, this is my account of performing at Hispaniola with a children's poetry theatre show for 2017 ed PBH free fringe.

The space is great. It is specific, full of pirate themed stuff, which cannot be moved - so this is fine for my show, but to those considering performing at Hispaniola, be aware that this is the very fab but very specific immovable backdrop to any show. The room is spacious and seats about (I think) 60 comfortably.

All the other acts in this space with me this year were brilliant, a real team, so cool to be part of such a great, supportive, fun gang.

The staff at Hispaniola are characters - really fun, enthusiastic, helpful people who love the fringe and will go out of their way to help the acts.

I was in this space last year. There was a difference, in my experience, between last year and this year. It seemed to me that the restaurant area was, on many days, busier than last year. Last year I had an earlier time slot, but I came to watch shows on at the time I had this year and was not so aware last year as I was this year that the restaurant was noisy. This is not a complaint which anything can be done over - the restaurant are giving us a space in a working restaurant - this suits some shows and not others. I began the run with a theatre piece involving quieter moments of dialogue which worked less well in this environment. Towards the end of the run I changed my approach to a louder, more audience participation-led style for which this space was perfect. I would say plays are less appropriate for being on here, but big loud fun interactive shows are ideal for here, in my opinion.

The location is so central, the ability to flyer so close to the space is brilliant.

I loved my experience of performing at Hispaniola. The lovely room, the brilliant staff, the perfect location and surrounding supportive team of cool PBHers for me outweighed my awareness of what seemed like increased restaurant noise-bleed from last year. It is fab that PBH and Hispaniola are working together, and I hope this relationship continues for many years to come
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