Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets

Glass Slippers and Silver Bullets

Postby ashpryce_2017 » 11 Jan 2018, 12:05

Posted on behalf of the producer Oliver Giggins, by the shows marketing deisgner Ash Pryce.

Glass Slippers And Silver Bullets (Show number 806) Hispaniola 10.00-11.00

Good venue with very helpful staff and lovely ambience, although it did lack storage space. Our slot was the 10am one, which might be a bit too early to start though, even for a children's show. The shows afterwards (even the one at 11.00) seem to find it much easier to get people, thanks to both greater footfall in the streets around and a more congenial time in the PBH blue book.( It was really only when the positive reviews came out that we were able to get people in for that time.)
But it was still a positive experience overall in a lovely space.
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