Friz Frizzle Gets His Organ Out, 15.30

Friz Frizzle Gets His Organ Out, 15.30

Postby Friz » 25 Sep 2017, 08:18

This is the best space I have ever performed at the Fringe. Great central location, great time, amazing staff and great audiences.

I had no problems in set-up, the smallest audience I had was 30 people, the buckets were always great (with anything 20p or less going straight into the tip jar of the staff). There were problems of the occasional noise bleed, but turning the speakers up for my act and getting the audience to sit closer solved all of that.

I always helped out the staff by asking audience members to return their empty glasses. And the staff/manager were always very supportive when it came to prop requests (such as tables, stools and blu tac) and the posters/flyers were kept in a safe place at all times.

A highly professional Free Fringe venue.
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