Paul Richards: One Man and a Box (2.15pm)

Paul Richards: One Man and a Box (2.15pm)

Postby paulrichards » 30 Aug 2017, 11:06

I absolutely loved performing in this space - it's an ideal size, very central location with plenty of passing traffic. I had decent audience sizes; only had less than double figures twice during the full run and that was on Wednesdays, it's a small-ish room and always felt busy.

I prefer to not use a mic when performing (as I have a drum with me and it gets in the way) and that was fine in this space - very little noise bleed from the bar despite the football being on at weekends...the curtain was surprisingly effective!

The staff at the venue are great, friendly, really got into the spirit of things and always happy to see you. They let me store my drum there if I needed to go and flyer (or, on one occasion, because I just wanted to get drunk so they locked it in their cupboard for me so I can pick it up the next morning!) and you get the sense that those working there really loved being part of the free fringe.

Personally I felt it was the perfect venue for what I do and I'd love to return to this venue, in that time slot, next year (and many years after that, too).
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