KABAKUNST. The Creative Martyrs. 9pm

KABAKUNST. The Creative Martyrs. 9pm

Postby James Lismore » 08 Dec 2017, 12:17

Fingers is on George Street, just off George Street. A well-known late-night Piano Bar. The entrance is down some steps so unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs.
This is our fourth year (2010, 2011, 2016, 2017) performing at Fingers Piano Bar and we would happily perform there again. The space: long, low, somewhat subterranean cabaret seating with a small stage suits our aesthetic perfectly. There is basic lights and sound although it is small enough for us to perform acoustically which gives us more space to wander amongst the audience. The Staff are excellent welcoming and it has been a pleasure to return to the venue over the years,.

We keep our shows very limited in terms of set, props and tech, essentially it is just two performers, a cello and a ukulele, this year we included one sound cue and one prop. Lots of props, costumes, tech are just going to make your life difficult – keep it simple. The show itself is part cabaret part theatre and worked very well in the space, the stage is just the right size to delineate a ‘fourth wall’ but the audience are close and accessible enough for us to break said wall, which we do regularly. Our cabaret style in general is designed to be very flexible and adaptable to many, all and whatever space…

We were in the PBH brochure and the main Fringe brochure. We had few posters for the venue (they put out a board) and flyers. We fliered regularly on the mile and around the venue but mostly when performing at myriad variety cabaret shows.

We had good average numbers over the festival, mostly pretty busy, some quite quiet and a number of packed houses. Buckets varied and didn’t always correlate with the size of audience, we had some small but very generous audiences and vice versa. On the whole they were very good and once again we managed to leave the Festival not having lost any money.

Fingers is a great venue that has a particularly good reputation for cabaret, it is a little off the beaten track while close to important thoroughfares and main audience hubs.
As ever a huge thank you to all at PBH Free Fringe that work so tirelessly throughout the year.
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