Luke Closely: Mugician 4.20pm

Luke Closely: Mugician 4.20pm

Postby Luke Closely » 31 Aug 2017, 09:37

Fingers is on Frederick street in the new town. There are plenty nice pubs and restaurants around and despite what some may say about the new town I found that there was plenty of folk wondering around. St Andrews square was not involved with the edfringe this year and that may have affected everyone a little but not much can be done.

Best place to flyer before your show is the half price hut and half way along rose street where lots of hotels are.

The sound quality in this room is excellent. I had a three piece jazz trio and we were pleased. It is a music venue normally. There is a big piano in the centre of the small stage. It is digital. The lighting is simple but good. A general wash with a dial control. There is no space for a tech unless they sit on stage as the mixer is on top of the piano. The stage is very small and only a small step off the floor but this has charm. It has a speakeasy, cabaret, jazz bar vibe which was perfect for my music and magic show. The only issue with the layout of the venue for a magic show is often people could not see everything I was doing clearly unless stood up or in the front few rows.

The room is black with low ceilings and the bar is up the back. The main door is up the back too and people might sometimes come into the show towards the end for the next act. The toilets are behind the stage and people will have to walk past you to get to them. Never caused us any issues although the hand dryer is very loud in the ladies.

The rooms fits around 50 comfortably, more if people cram in and stand around the room. There are small tables scattered around the chairs. This helps fill up space. On the weekend we removed the tables and created more rows.

Have the person for the previous show help with bucket if you have a busy room as people might just leave by the time you get to the door. I opened the door and held it open with a chair to make clear the show was over and I was stationed at the back should people want to donate money. A few people would stick around for the next show, I simply walked up to them and thanked them for coming and they normally gave money at this point.

The staff were fanatastic. Very helpful and thoughtful towards my needs before each show. Helped with turn around and setup. Went out of there way to help me, even mid show one time when I forgot something they helped me get it! They create a backstage area where they let us drop our stuff off earlier in the day. Great people!

I spent a good number of hours everyday on the mile postering and flyering before heading to the new town where I had friends help flyer while I set up my show. I didn't have any other marketing aside from being listed online and in the WBB and the BFFB. I was able to draw decent crowds everyday. Low points mid week, high points weekend - no surprise there. The room was filled most of the run and packed out completely on the weekends. Lowest - 25/30. Highest 80/90

It is a great space I enjoyed myself here this fringe.
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