Mark Silcox - I Can Cure...

Mark Silcox - I Can Cure...

Postby marksilcox » 10 Sep 2017, 19:08

This year I truly enjoyed my show. After One star review from List. The star was appropriate because that was my first show ever and I was not expecting any reviewer. I received so much love from all my friends in the industry and they all came to see my show and supported by tweeting praise afterward. I felt connected and very well looked after. Thanks god I don't have to earn my living from comedy. I respect all comedians who work hard to fulfill their dreams. I also wish them every success.

The other shows in the venue were great too. I watched some and everyone involved was very supportive and took care of the everyone else. As a venue captain I just tied up the chairs first day with the help of other fellow performers and did literally nothing for the whole run. This is everyone's favorite venue. Very well supported by Ciao Roma staff and owner. During my show one day I found out the milk I was pouring in the tea was turned into yogurt so I ran upstairs and ask staff a glass of milk. They gladly gave me the milk and I was back in no time. The audience loved the incident too.

Thank you Nick Hall for your patience and helping me everyday to clear the props as I had too many.

I would love to return in the same venue next year too if circumstances allow me. Thank you PBH for the opportunity.
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