Mick Neven - Killing It - 17:50

Mick Neven - Killing It - 17:50

Postby TheBigMicka » 03 Sep 2017, 22:03

The Ciao Roma Basement is a great room for performing in and I enjoyed my month there very much.

As a room for stand up comedy, it is great - low, close, and a nice confined atmosphere. Sometimes it got a bit hot down there, but turning the lights off between shows made a big difference, plus opening the doors between shows. On nights with bigger audiences the people up the back probably missed a bit of the show, but being aware of this and playing up higher helps. A small stage would solve this, but it probably wouldn't work in the room.

As a venue for hustling people in, it was a bit hard at times - foot traffic past Ciao Roma seems to be mostly people that already have somewhere to go. 17:50 is also a bit of a clash with dinnertime. But overall I was happy with numbers throughout. A couple of small nights, but those were balanced by a couple of big nights.

Staff were great. Fellow performers were great. Mark was great as VC. A note for next year - make everyone aware that when the rubbish bag gets filled up, it gets emptied into the Big Black bin on the road outside Hispaniola.
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