Nick Hall: Spencer (3.20pm)

Nick Hall: Spencer (3.20pm)

Postby NickHall » 31 Aug 2017, 22:45

Overall I had a lovely experience on Ciao Roma.

The room is very well sized, downstairs below the restaurant, with a separate entrance for the audience to queue up beforehand. Seating capacity is about 60+ with 10 rows of six chairs and plenty of performance space. There is room for a tech operator to sit on the second row on the right hand side, just out of sight. Note that the stage area isn't raised so if you're sitting down a lot during the show then the audience at the back can't really see you.

There is virtually no noise bleed, with a bit of sound coming from the kitchens in the back - easily surmountable. There is also separate access for the audience to reach the toilets, which can be good to have pre-show. There was a slight concern about confused diners walking into the room but a strongly worded sign outside dealt with that. Again the room can get quite hot, but that's par for the course in Edinburgh! Doors can be wedged opened and fans bought.

Foot traffic on South Bridge outside is very good, although I would say that there's a slightly higher percentage of normal Edinburgh-ians going about their day, compared to say Cowgate, so flyering elsewhere as well might be worth exploring.

The owner and staff are very supportive, plus you get 20% discount from the restaurant upstairs! The venue takes delivery of flyers, allows posters in the window, and acts can store their props (within reason) at the back of the room downstairs.

One note: We were lucky enough to get our hands on some pretty good lights from one of the acts, which helped transform the performance space. I can imagine that without those you'd either have to use the room lights in the ceiling, or purchase desk lamps, neither of which would create the same environment. Investing in some good lights between the acts would certainly pay dividends for all!

Lastly, thanks to Mark Silcox as Venue Captain!

Overall a very positive experience and I would be happy to return there another year. Thanks to the PBH Free Fringe!
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