The Card Players with Kane & Abel (show report)

The Card Players with Kane & Abel (show report)

Postby KaneAbelMagic17 » 05 Sep 2017, 21:21

This was our first year performing at CC Blooms, and our third as part of PBH's Free Fringe. Overall, we had a largely positive experience at CC Blooms. Elsie Diamond was a fantastic venue captain that was always on hand to answer any questions and liaise with the venue and acts. The venue staff were very helpful, supportive and across the run became good friends. They were particularly fantastic at liaising with audience members of ours that included children to help them feel welcome and put them at ease that, despite our show taking place in a bar, the show was suitable for them. There was plenty of space to get changed/ set-up for the show, with access through the backdoor. This was particularly useful as it meant, you could access this backstage area at any time, even when another show was on.
There were no problems to report, and the audio and lighting was just what we needed for the show. Flyering in the bar seemed to be effective in getting a few extra bums on seats, but most people seemed to have come via the Blue Book or the big programme or word of mouth. We were full at the weekends and about 70% full in the weekdays. There was the occasional quite Thursday, but that seemed to be inline with other venues. Overall, I would highly recommend CC Blooms for any act looking to put on an intimate show in nice space.
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