Belly Dance Academy - workshops

Belly Dance Academy - workshops

Postby Shantisha » 06 Nov 2017, 20:27

I did 6 one-off shows at CC Blooms over three Mondays and can’t recommend this venue enough! Really cosy, lovely lights and sound and very welcoming staff. There is also a small stage and lots of mirrors along the walls, which was really super cool for what we did! For my show we didn’t need chairs as it was a dance workshop, so it came in very handy that the chairs were foldable and we could put them away for the duration of my two consecutive slots. It’s wasn’t easy to pull people in from the street (although we did our best flyering every time – people just seemed to be in a rush at that time of the day, or probably not quite ready to engage in something as active as a dance workshop) and there weren’t many people in the bar at the time of my slots (13:45-14:45 and 15:00-16:00) so most people we had came through either WBB or the App, or word of mouth. I believe, the posters I put around the venue also worked and brought some people in. Some people also came as they heard about the workshops at my main show. Next year I’ll probably do a full run of workshops and see if I can build up the audience.
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